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Bow windows are great for bringing in natural light and adding a cozy and stylish atmosphere to your home. Like bay windows, bow windows extend past the exterior wall of a house. Bow and bay windows are known as projection windows because they protrude past the wall of a house or building. Bow windows are typically bigger than bay windows. 

These window styles have various pros and benefits, including increasing your home’s beauty and curb appeal. You can place window seats, cozy relaxation nooks, or a garden in the area by your bow window. 

Bay and bow windows became more mainstream amongst wealthy English people in the 15th century. The distinctive windows spread from English mansions to other parts of the world. They have since become more than a whimsical addition by adventurous architects — they are now modern-day design staples.   

Depending on your needs, the space created by a bow window offers you a multitude of interior design opportunities. Remodel USA’s design team is on hand to help you get started on your bow window replacement. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Our bow window installation team is also available to provide information on the types of windows available. We are here to meet your home improvement and new window replacement needs. 

Bow Windows Offer Wider Panoramic Views and More Light

Bow windows offer extensive views of your home’s surroundings. Bow windows come in a variety of sizes to fit your home’s size, your needs, preferences, and opening size. 

You have options ranging from around 10 degrees to 45 degrees window bows. This gives you the power to choose how much you want to be able to view from the inside of your home. 

Bow windows are one of the best options for bringing outside light in. The wider the bow, the higher the illumination your home gets. 

Interior of large living room with telescope by large six pane window. View of dining area.

Bow Window Replacement Options to Beautify Your Home

Bow windows come in a variety of design and configuration options to suit you. A bow window installation could involve single-hung or double-hung windows, casement windows, or picture window options. 

You can also choose grid options, including drop, colonial, and diamond, among several other styles.

Some homeowners opt to have large and fixed picture windows with an almost unbroken view of their home’s surroundings. For airflow, other homeowners opt to install fixed picture windows in the middle, with movable vent windows on the sides.

You have the flexibility of having a casement window or a double-hung window in the middle, or even on all sides. Remodel USA offers several configuration and customization options to fit your home style and budget.

Energy Efficiency Meets Elegant Style

Bow windows bring in more natural light than most window styles, adding to your home’s energy efficiency. You also have a variety of low-maintenance materials and options to choose from that can help reduce energy costs. 

Our Energy Star windows include energy-saving options for your bow window replacement. Remodel USA offers the Solace Windows brand with numerous energy-reduction options, including:

  • Heat-reflective metallic coatings and exterior colors
  • Double-paned glass 
  • Insulating Argon-filled chambers

Affordable replacement windows options  

Whether you want bow windows in your living room, bedroom or office, we offer affordable prices to meet your design options. You can finally have that reading garden window, reading nook, or breakfast area with natural light, at an affordable rate. 

We also offer several financing options to help with your window installation or home renovation project. Reach out to us today to discuss your project and financing available. We also have several timed discounts you can take advantage of. Look no further than Remodel USA for a company that understands that you don’t have to compromise on quality because of budgeting constraints. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Seamless Bow Window Installation with Remodel USA

For over 20 years, we have offered excellent home improvement services to our customers. At Remodel USA, our friendly team will help you pick the right bow window to fit your home style. 

With so many window styles available, we know it can be challenging to decide which one to install in your beautiful home. Our design team is available to walk you through the whole window installation process.

Helping you through your replacement window or home improvement project, from start to finish is one of our great strengths. We offer different options of vinyl windows by Solace Windows that meet and exceed Energy Star standards.

The warranty on our products is competitive, and our work doesn’t end at installation; we are also here for you afterward. Contact us today to get your window replacement free in-home consultation. 

“Lynn Sullivan, was wonderful, nice to talk with. And we went over what I wanted for my kitchen. You can tell he knows the business. I know that when the job is done. It will be a beautiful kitchen because he spent the time to help me. Thank you, Lynn.”

Janette Chisom
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“We had a great consultation experience with Remodel USA. Our design specialist, Harold was excellent. He walked us through tons of options and very patiently listened to our thoughts. His experience in the industry was clear as he was able to answer all of our questions and provide in depth answers. Additionally, we were able to maintain social distance resulting in an overall outstanding experience. We are looking forward to working more with Harold and Remodel USA. I would certainly recommend that you give them a try.”

- Aaron Demory

“All around profession and great experience. The sales team, Harold and Katie were top notch. Never were pushy at any point and sold in our best interest. The project manager, Isaac was awesome and the contract crew was great. They had to come back for a few minor things they missed upon completion but besides that they were outstanding. Thank you again Remodel USA.”

- Conrad Lauer

“The salesman, Zach, was very professional, personable and knowledgeable. I am having a new shower installed and he listened attentively to all of the things I wanted in the new shower and was able to accommodate all of my wishes into an overall beautiful design. He was very patient and took the time to show me all of my options. Remodel seems to have all of the things I wanted in my new shower. The price was affordable also as Zach worked to get me a few discounts.”

- Nina Parish

“Francisco was very professional and knowledgeable. He walked us through many different designs until we found the perfect design. He didn’t rush us and explained every step of the process. I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

- Darcell Hannon

“Lynn Sullivan, was wonderful, nice to talk with. And we went over what I wanted for my kitchen. You can tell he knows the business. I know that when the job is done. It will be a beautiful kitchen because he spent the time to help me. Thank you, Lynn.”

- Janette Chisom
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