Your Tub Conversion to Walk-In Tub Will Remake Your Bathing Experience

Are you ready to convert your old tub to a walk-in bathtub? If you’re like many homeowners today, you’re tired of your old tub. A bathroom remodel might seem too extensive, lengthy, or costly. With Remodel USA, you’re not stuck using your existing tub. We specialize in bathroom renovations for your bathroom’s wet areas.

Replacing your existing bathtub with one of our walk-in tubs options can change your bathroom’s entire look and feel. Our design team will work with you to select the colors and materials that accentuate your style. Transform your bathroom into a space that offers maximum comfort, relaxation, and beauty. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our luxury products and professional installation. With Remodel USA, you can treat yourself to your desired bathing experience.

Walk-In Tub Benefits

Imagine walking into your new bathtub. There’s no wall to step over, and you have more space to move around. No more bumping into walls when you’re reaching for the soap or shampoo. The floor isn’t slippery, and you have easy-grip handlebars for when you might lose your balance or need a hand. If this sounds like something you’d like, consider our bathtub conversion to a walk-in tub.

Like our shower conversion service, our bathtub conversion is a popular choice. It offers similar ease of access and mobility for bathers of all ages.

Unlike a step-in-tub, a walk-in-tub features a wide open and closed door. This way, you can walk right in. Don’t worry. The secure doors keep all your water and bubbles inside where you want them. Our tubs also feature handrails that are easy to grip.

But that’s not all. Elevate your bathing experience with our bubble jets for a whole spa experience in your own home. Sit back and relax while enjoying a hydromassage or heated headrest. You can even select some of our most notable features. Amp up the luxury with aromatherapy or chromotherapy.

Design Your Custom Bath With Us

We know how important it is for our customers to add personal expression to home improvement projects. We at Remodel USA will consult about every design aspect of your tub conversion to walk-in.

There are several essential design features to consider. Shower wall tiles, pans, and bathtub material make your bathroom unique. Perhaps you’d like us to install glass shower doors to enhance your bathroom’s natural light. This option also contributes to a feeling of spaciousness, no matter the size of the room. Faucets also come in many different colors, styles, and materials. Choose one that reflects the state of mind you’d like to have while bathing. Our interior design team will work with you. Create a bathroom that inspires you to start your day or relax into your evening.

Your New Walk-In Bath Is Only a Call Away With Remodel USA

With Remodel USA, you’ll get professional, easy installation in only a few days. Our limited lifetime warranty also means you won’t have to worry. You can invest in your new step-in shower or tub with confidence. Our customers count on our expertise in design, functionality, and comfort. They know our work is always high-quality and speedy. So why wait? Contact Remodel USA for a free consultation and quote today.

“I was really impressed with the work that they did on my mamas bathroom. It is much safer and I know she won’t mind taking a shower because she will feel safer too. Thank you so much for all that you did and I am completely satisfied.”

Lisa Collins
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“We had a great consultation experience with Remodel USA. Our design specialist, Harold was excellent. He walked us through tons of options and very patiently listened to our thoughts. His experience in the industry was clear as he was able to answer all of our questions and provide in depth answers. Additionally, we were able to maintain social distance resulting in an overall outstanding experience. We are looking forward to working more with Harold and Remodel USA. I would certainly recommend that you give them a try.”

- Aaron Demory

“Lynn Sullivan, was wonderful, nice to talk with. And we went over what I wanted for my kitchen. You can tell he knows the business. I know that when the job is done. It will be a beautiful kitchen because he spent the time to help me. Thank you, Lynn.”

- Janette Chisom

“The salesman, Zach, was very professional, personable and knowledgeable. I am having a new shower installed and he listened attentively to all of the things I wanted in the new shower and was able to accommodate all of my wishes into an overall beautiful design. He was very patient and took the time to show me all of my options. Remodel seems to have all of the things I wanted in my new shower. The price was affordable also as Zach worked to get me a few discounts.”

- Nina Parish

“All around profession and great experience. The sales team, Harold and Katie were top notch. Never were pushy at any point and sold in our best interest. The project manager, Isaac was awesome and the contract crew was great. They had to come back for a few minor things they missed upon completion but besides that they were outstanding. Thank you again Remodel USA.”

- Conrad Lauer

“Francisco was very professional and knowledgeable. He walked us through many different designs until we found the perfect design. He didn’t rush us and explained every step of the process. I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

- Darcell Hannon
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